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Light Path Law, P.A. is a Christian Law Firm dedicated to providing exceptional service in church law, business law, employment law and litigation matters.

Light Path Law, P.A. provides knowledgeable legal advice regarding:

  • Obtaining recovery for damages caused by Hurricane Ian,
  • Operation and regulation of businesses and churches,
  • Handling, resolving & preventing employment and volunteer disputes, and
  • Representing businesses, churches, and individuals in civil litigation matters
  • Preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney for individuals


Firm Values:

The “Light Path” is a way of advocating for justice without sacrificing integrity.  In short, we value:

  • Honesty & Loyalty
  • Relationship Building
  • Positive Outlook
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Gratitude
  • Love & Respect
  • Giving Back

Light Path Law, P.A. is a Christian Law Firm founded on Christian and family values.  The primary purpose of Light Path Law, P.A. is to love and serve while advocating for clients.  Light Path Law, P.A. serves people of all beliefs and backgrounds. We serve God by providing timely and caring service to our clients while demonstrating respectful and ethical attitudes and behavior.

Kristie A. Scott

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