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Attorney Kristie Scott, our Managing Attorney, has received the following compliments and recommendations from clients, colleagues, and former co-workers.  These comments may appear on other websites.

Excellent job, well done.


Ms. Scott’s prior work experience in the financial services industry made her a great asset.


Kristie was outstanding.

D. H.

Besides being able to work independently, Kristie is a team player, flexible and willing to work on any project assigned.


THANK YOU for an OUTSTANDING JOB!!! You are one organized person.


She has a tremendous attention to detail and is a highly motivated self-starter.


Mrs. Scott aided in research, witness preparation, tracking down witnesses, and offered her thoughts during jury voir dire. Her assistance was invaluable.


Kristie Scott is one of the most wonderful colleagues I have ever had the joy of working with. The care in which she approaches those she works around is only surpassed by the diligent and deliberate manner in which she prepares her work product. 


I was able to see, firsthand, the dedication, commitment to excellence, and exemplary character that Kristie reflects.


Kristie is very conscientious and diligent and was very competent in handling the tasks given to her.


Disclaimer: Prospective and future clients may not obtain the same or similar results as past clients.