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Legal Partner Pro Plan

Is your business or church in need of ongoing legal services by competent attorneys and legal staff?

Light Path Law, P.A. would love to partner with your organization to provide legal services on an ongoing basis for a predictable monthly cost.  Our monthly service includes swift legal research and consultations on issues that your organization may face including business, employment, and general legal matters.  It also includes contract drafting and review.  It allows you to get to know our firm while we get to know your business.  The Legal Partner Pro Plan cost varies based on the size of your organization with a modest start up retainer and an ongoing monthly rate.

Our Legal Partner Pro Plan is affordable for most organizations with the cost varying based on the size of your business, church or organization. 

  • One Time Nonrefundable Retainer starting at $1,000
  • Monthly Automated Payments starting at $500 per month

Our Legal Partner Pro Plan includes the following:

  1. Legal consultation and advice on general business matters which does not exceed one hour per month.
  2. Contract review and drafting for up to one contract per month (up to ten pages).
  3. One Customized Annual Legal Assessment to reduce Company Liability, and
  4. Up to thirty minutes per month of legal research and analysis

We provide customized legal service to our Legal Partner Pro businesses and churches!

If youneed anything outside of the above, we are happy to assist you or refer you to someone in our elite network.  Additional services are at our normal hourly rates and performed by a law firm who knows you and understand your organization’s goals.